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Author: Shakes

I have been a faculty member in the Biology Department at William & Mary since 1995. Before then I was at the University of Houston (1991-1995).

Education: B.A., Biology, Pomona College; Ph.D., Biology, Johns Hopkins (advisor: Sam Ward); postdoctoral fellow, Cornell University (advisor: Ken Kemphues)

June 2022 – Preprint of latest manuscript on BioRxiv!

NHR-23 and SPE-44 regulate distinct sets of genes during C. elegans spermatogenesis James Matthew Ragle, Kayleigh N. Morrison, An A. Vo, Zoe E. Johnson, Javier Hernandez Lopez, Andreas Rechtsteiner, Diane C. Shakes, Jordan D. Ward bioRxiv 2022.06.24.497528; doi:

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